Junior Tournament Players

Tournament Information:

Super-Series Friday Tournaments

Superseries Friday evening tournaments are a perfect way for our juniors to prepare and train for their junior tournament season.  Sunny will organize various formats of mini-tournaments and competitive matches each Friday evening from 7:00-9:00 ages 8-16 (Teams IIA, Premier & Elite).  Points will be awarded to each division winners and prizes will be given out at our Junior Awards Banquet at the end of the season.

US Squash Ranking Tournaments-Gold/Silver/Bronze

Please note that the age groups for the junior tournaments are boys and girls U19, 17, 15, 13, and 11–as of the final day of the tournament.

  • All juniors must be members of the NNJSRA to be eligible for tournament play.
  • Very Important!  Read US Squash Jr. Tournament Information (Rules & Code of conduct information)
  • Tournament applications are available on line at US Squash
  • A minimum of four tournaments should be played during each ranking season to achieve a national ranking.
  • Either the National Open, National Closed or National Future Stars should be attended.
  • Players must pass the Club Referees Certification Exam to receive a final end of year ranking.
  • Always consult the US Squash web site for the latest criteria for achieving national ranking status.

Tournament Player Commitment–Tournament Coaching:

In order to achieve the best results any junior athlete competing in tournaments should make a commitment by taking two classes, and at least one semi-private per week.  This practice schedule and commitment is required of all the Premier and Elite team athletes.


Many tournaments will have limited draws and early entry deadlines; it is your responsibility to enter before the deadline.  On line entry for all events is on the US Squash web site.  There will be a tournament coaching fee charged for any juniors competing in coached tournaments-required of Premier/Elite juniors.

Tournament Schedule & Coaching Fees:
The professional coaches will attend various events throughout the squash season.

Tournament Coaching Group Rates-(minimum 3 matches coached/event, all matches if no conflicts)
$150/Event per child local Bronze, Silver
$200/Event per child away Bronze, Silver, Gold
$250/JCT and National Events
$300/US Open

Tournament Coaching Private Rates(all matches coached start to finish of event)

$150/day for event start to finish
Expenses:  Meals/travel/hotel split with other private coached tournament players

*All coaching fees will be billed to credit cards on file on the Monday following the event.

All Premier and Elite team athletes will be charged coaching fees at these events–Elite/Premier players are expected to play in as many of the coached events as possible.  Program juniors can not be professionally coached when playing each other except by parents or other juniors.
Team III and II players will only be charged a coaching fee if coaching was requested for the event.