2019 Fall Session I

September 3-November 24

  • Submit form on line–click ‘submit’ button below only after completing form.
  • Please note that pro-rated sessions are not offered and missed classes can not be made up unless arranged in advance with instructor.
  • Tuitions will not be refunded after September 1st. except for medical reasons.
  • You will see a confirmation and receive a confirmation email as a record of your child’s class times and days.
  • No Credit Card payments can be accepted for classes.
  • Mail in or drop off check payable to MitchellSquash 484 Southern Blvd., Chatham, NJ 07928
  • All juniors (ages 10 and up) must have Chatham Club membership prior to first class.
  • Please contact Terri Rozyla, terri@chathamclub.com for membership information.
  • Please read Junior Tournament Player Guidelines for more information on Junior Rankings and Tournament Play
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Tuition: $1740 (3 Days $2115 4 Days $2820)

Elite IA
Elite I
Premier I
Premier II
Premier IIW
Premier IIWB


Tuition: $1344 (2 classes) $672 (1 day) $1620 (3 classes) $2160 (4 classes)

Friday IIB
Saturday IIB
Sunday IIB


Tuition: $1008 (2 days) $504 (1 day)

Friday IA
Sunday IA


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