Hall Of Fame

Mitchell Squash was founded in 1990.  We focussed on providing top teaching and coaching along with a passion for squash, we set out to establish a program aimed at providing the best possible squash education for players of all ages and abilities. Most importantly we have developed players who have a passion for squash and a sport for life.  For the past 30 years we have taught many young NJ squash athletes sportsmanship, etiquette and squash skills that ultimately led many to top national rankings.  Our program has prepared these players to play for top squash colleges throughout the country.  Our program has a reputation for producing the old fashioned “sportsman” armed with exquisite modern skills.

We are extremely proud of and would like to recognize the following players for their hard work and perseverance in achieving remarkable achievements in the world of squash.

National Awards/Titles

National Champions:

Sam Scherl 2015BU17 US Open ChampionSam Scherl/Sean Oen 2015BU17 Doubles National ChampionsRachel Chen 2016GU17 Silver National Champion

Anil Nayar 1993 Mens Over 45 National Champion
Warren Radcliffe 1994 Mens Over 60 National Champion
Anil Nayar 1994 Mens Over 45 National Champion
Eric Lauer 1994 BU19 National Champion
Asher Hochberg 1997 BU15 National Champion
Stephanie Barnet 1998 GU13 National Champion
Stephanie Barnet 2001 GU15 National Champion
Dick Mason 2004 Mens Over 70 Hardball National Champion
Tyler Smith 2004 BU13 National Champion
Tyler Smith 2008 BU17 National Champion
Lindsay Stanley/Scarlett Bergam 2011 2011 Gu13 National Doubles Champions
Lindsay Stanley/Scarlett Bergam 2012 2012 Gu17 National Doubles Champions
Harry Curtis/Sam Curtis 2013 2013 National Doubles Father/Son U17 Champions
Derek Hsue 2013 BU17 National Champion
Sam Scherl 2015 BU17 National Champion
Lindsay Stanley/Sam Scherl 2015 U17 Mixed Doubles National Champions
Renee Chan 2015 GU15 Silver National Champion
Jacob Bulbulia 2016 BU15 National Champion

U.S.A. National Jr. Team Members:

Dana Lipson 1995 World Junior Team Member
Briggs Johnson 1997 World Junior Team Member
Asher Hochberg 2000 World Junior Team Member
Briggs Johnson 1997 Pan American Junior Team Captain
Asher Hochberg 1997 Pan American Junior Team Member
Asher Hochberg 1999 Pan American Junior Team Member
Andew Vinci Pan American Junior Team Member
Sam Scherl 2016 World Junior Team Member

National US Squash Achievement Awards:

Evan Wen 2016Ketcham Jr. Achievement Award BU13

Adam Achenbach 1999 DeRoy National Sportsmanship Award
*One of the nations most coveted national awards given each year to one boy and one girl recognizing pure excellence in sportsmanship during all their junior years of play both on and off the court.
Faraz Khan 2009 Ketcham Jr. Achievement Award
*Nations most improved Junior (all age groups)
Brittany Sun 2013 Ketcham Jr. Achievement Award
*Gu13’s Honorable Mention
Derek Hsue 2014 DeRoy National Sportsmanship Award
Colin O’Dowd 2015 Ketcham Jr. Achievement Award BU19