High Performance Summer Squash Training Sessions

High Performance Training Sessions

These training sessions are offered to our tournament and elite training players June-August.
These session can be tailored to each student’s specific needs.
Sessions consist of modules of private coaching, partner training, solo training, match play, fitness training, yoga/stretching, weight training and speed & footwork training.
Students will be paired based upon ability with appropriate training partners.

HPT Sessions (2 hours 20 minutes) Ages 7-9
HPT Sessions (2 hours 30 minutes) Ages 10-17

  • Private Lesson (45 Minutes)
    • Specific technique for stroke work, footwork, basic and specialty shots
    • Pro feeding and drilling to install strong and repetitive technique
  • Semi Private Lesson (45 Minutes)
    • Match tactics
    • Mental training
    • Creating and handling pressure with poise
    • Match Video analysis and charting
  • Solo Shot Practice or Match Play (30 Minutes)
    • Solo routines to reinforce technique and pure ball striking
    • Ball Machine routines
    • Match Play with compatible partners
  • Fitness Module (20 Minutes) *(30 Minutes ages 10-17)
    • High Intensity Footwork
    • Speed and agility on court training
    • Yoga/Stretching
    • Weight training with Squash Club Personal trainer

Costs Per Session/Per 20 Sessions:
HPT Ages 7-9 Members $200 Non-Members $210 (Package 20 Sessions $3600 Members/$3780 Non-Members)
HPT Ages 10-17 Members $250 Non-Members $260 (Summer Package 20 Sessions $4500 Members/$4680 Non-Members)

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